Photographs for H10 Atlantic Sunset

H10 Atlantic Sunset Infinity pool photo

The photographs for the H10 Atlantic Sunset have been one of the projects we worked on last summer and that is framed within our portfolio of photographs for hotels. It’s a new 5 star resort located in Tenerife and belongs to H10 Hotels.

Infinity Pool at sunset H10 Atlantic Sunset

Infinity Pool at sunset

H10 Atlantic Sunset Photographs

Atlantic Sunset is a spectacular newly built resort of H10 Hotels. It is located south of Tenerife, facing the sea, in Playa Paraíso. It is a modern interiorism hotel with spacious rooms full of light.


This photographic project is very wide, for this reason, we will share it in several posts. For this post, we have selected a small part of photographs in which some areas of this new 5 star resort of H10 Hotels are shown. You will find photographs of general views and some detail of more advertising style shoots.

Photographic technique

In the images you can see here, we use mostly natural and ambient lighting. In this 5-star resort the luminosity of the different areas (interior and exterior) makes it possible to work without using support light and thus achieving the images reflect a great naturalness. Only in the photographs of the night pool was a support light used to highlight the cocktail area.

Photographed areas

In the selection we show in this post, you can see different areas of the hotel. The entrance of the hotel at sunset, the spacious and luminous lobby, one of the rooms and its terrace with direct access to the pool,a main view of Stromboli restaurant and two night views of the Infinity pools of this 5 star resort. We photograph general angles of these facilities so that the potential client can see what the hotel looks like and we accompany them with detailed shoots that will help to complete what the customer will experience.

You can find more information and details about this newly built 5-star resort in Tenerife here.

To find out other hotel photoshootings in Tenerife, you can do so at the following link: hotels in Tenerife. You can also find more hotel photographs here.

Entrance H10 Atlantic Sunset


Infinity Pool Privilege at sunset H10 Atlantic Sunset

Infinity Pool Privilege at sunset

Infinity Pool at sunset H10 Atlantic Sunset

Infinity Pool at sunset

Stromboli restaurant H10 Atlantic Sunset

Stromboli restaurant

General view Lobby Bar H10 Atlantic Sunset

General view Lobby Bar

Swim Up room H10 Atlantic Sunset

Swim Up room

Swim Up Room terrace H10 Atlantic Sunset

Swim Up Room terrace

Suite Privielge H10 Atlantic Sunset

Suite Privielge

Central Market. Breakfast set up H10 Atlantic Sunset

Central Market. Breakfast set up





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