Series of photographs for Hotel Saratoga

Series of photographs for Hotel Saratoga

Serie of photographs for Hotel Saratoga, located Palma de Mallorca. This images are part of our photography service for hotels.

Blue Jazz Club

Serie of photographs for Hotel Saratoga

With a long history, the 4-star Superior Hotel Saratoga was the first urban hotel built in 1962 in the heart of the city of Palma. A reference hotel on the Mallorcan island that, year after year of constant work and innovation, has been growing and renewing itself, adapting to the needs of each client.

Hotel phooshooting

Last summer we worked on a complete photo shooting for this 4 star hotel. For this new post, we have selected a new series of images of facilities that we made. The shots belong to the Blue Jazz Club, the Premium Suite and the swimming pool located on the ground floor of Saratoga Hotel. The images we share in this post are interior shots and one exterior photograph.

Photographic Technique

In the photographs we show in this post of Hotel Saratoga, we used, whenever possible, ambient lighting.
The aim is to reflect the scene as closely as possible to what we would see with our eyes. In some shots it was necessary to use support lighting to highlight certain areas.

Photo editing

The entire photoshooting was done with Hasselblad medium format cameras and equipment. The photographs were shot and checked on site, but the editing was done at our base.
One of the most difficult aspects of indoor photography based on ambient light is the control of indoor and outdoor temperature.
We put special emphasis on this aspect of photo editing because it allows us to provide a balanced and coherent atmosphere from a lighting point of view.

You can find more information and details about this four star urban hotel in Palma de Mallorca here.
In future posts on our blog we will be sharing more pictures of the photoshooting we did for Hotel Saratoga.

Find out other photographs for other hotels on the following link: here.

General view premium suite

Bathroom premium suite

Bedroom suite

Pool area

Blue Jazz Club

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